about Golden Walker

Golden Walker is a fantasy novel written by myself and my sister, Melissa Bailey.  The novel is not for children but it is fully illustrated, somewhere between a graphic novel and a story book.  It is unpublished and we are currently on the search for an agent.

Golden Walker is the story of the seven magic brothers of the City of Paythe, and their sister.  All of the siblings are shapeshifters- one turns into fire, another into animals- but none of them know why they have such strange and powerful talents.  Salix is the cleverst of them all, and he is also very ill.  When the charismatic King of Iirvska arrives in Paythe seeking Leila’s hand, Salix believes the King’s wealth of knowledge can save him.  He sends Leila to Iirvska, and takes the King’s daughter Nadia as his bride. But Iirvska is a city ruled by fear, and the King isn’t accustomed to sharing.  Willful Leila has her own ideas about her arranged marriage, and Nadia is full of secrets.  But when the seven brothers start disappearing one by one, she must decide whether to stay loyal to her father and Salix, or listen to her growing instinct for justice.