about Hey Mark

“Hey Mark” is a series of pictures corresponding to different scenes in the Gospel of Mark, using collage and painting, contemporary images and old images, lettering and words.  The project had its genesis when I became interested in learning about this gospel but was somewhat deterred by its’ terse and simple writing style and its’ bleak tone and message.  I asked for help from the professionals.  A Catholic nun explained to me,

You don’t read this like a book.  It will speak to you because its’ Spirit is alive.  Read it because it deals with the adult Christ; there are no shepherds and Wise Kings here.  There’s not even a risen body at the end.  Stop when you reach a line that means something to you, and contemplate it.

 I am an artist and I when I want to understand something, I need to go at it visually.  I decided I would collage each passage in the Gospel of Mark that spoke to me.  Since I was largely unfamiliar with this work, pretty much everything spoke to me.

I have chosen to use pictures (primarily from old issues of National Geographic) of the contemporary world, the First World and the Third.  They say that Christ is found inside of everyone.  Animals, women, children, the oppressed, the privileged, all step in to play the cast of Mark’s characters.  As does the gospel, this series deals with questions of spirit and poetry, human suffering, oppression, social justice, despair and hope.  Powerful in their own right as pictures, the collages also function as stories and as devotional or contemplative images.  This work is meant partly as a Book of Hours, but, like the teachings of Christ,  it also strives to see ordinary things in this world inside out.